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Things to do in Cozumel

Cozumel Villa Coralina is located at the best Reefs in the world. Fantastic Snorkeling and Diving on-site and via boats from the onsite dock.

Perfect for Large Groups, Families with kids, SCUBA Divers, Surprise Vacation Parties, Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, Weddings on-site receptions welcome!

Multiple villas/houses for 6 to 40 guests.

Continue reading for the best kept secret secluded Cozumel beaches and beach clubs that are much nicer than the world famous Paradise Beach Less the crowds and tourists.

Popularized by Jacques Cousteau. Lush, and vibrant sea and coral colors full of exotic tropical sea life.


Attractions in town include: Shopping, island hopping, dancing, fine dining, flea markets, golf courses with 18 holes, fine casual and fun dining, music from salsa to rock, in several famous discos for all ages, duty free shopping in superb shopping malls and romantic or pirate ship entertainment dinner cruises.

20 Top Things to do in Cozumel Mexico

  • Beach (onsite)
  • Boating (depart onsite)
  • Children’s Pool (onsite)
  • Deep Sea Fishing (Depart onsite)
  • Gym/Fitness Center (onsite)
  • Parasailing (Depart onsite)
  • Pool (onsite)
  • Restaurants (5 miles)
  • Golf (8 miles)
  • Grocery Store (4 miles)
  • Horseback Riding (2 miles)
  • Dolphin Park (2 miles)
  • Sailing (depart onsite)
  • Scuba Diving (onsite)
  • Snorkeling (onsite)
  • Water Skiing (depart onsite)
  • Bicycling (1 mile)
  • Jet Skiing (1 mile)
  • Beach Bars & food (1-5 miles 11am-10pm)
  • Aquarium (2 miles)
  • Windsurfing (2 miles)
  • Shopping Area (4 miles)
  • Live Entertainment (3 miles)
  • Movie Theater (5 miles)


This Tropical Paradise is located on the most pristine strip of the Hotel Zone, 8 miles south of San Miguel one mile north of the world famous Paradise Beach Cozumel and one mile south of Chankanaab National Water Park home of the Dolphin Discovery.

Cozumel Attractions

Cozumel Parasailing and Jet Ski

Jet Ski

The best place to Jet Ski is at Paradise and San Francisco Beaches which are next to each other about 1 mile south of Villa Coralina.

Pick a day when the sea is flat, unless you like to jump waves… your choice.

The rate is $40 to $45 for ½ hour and $70 – $80/ hour rental of jet ski.  Inspect the Jet Ski carefully for dents and scratches and point them out to the attendant.  


Our property manager concierge will be glad to book your Parasailing adventure. The rate is $45 to $50 for ½ hour and $80 – $100/ hour depending on the operator and availability.

The parasailing boat will pick you up from the dock 60 seconds from the front door of Villa Coralina.

You also do not want to miss visiting some of Cozumel famous and not yet discovered beach bars. 

Beach Bars and Cozumel Beaches

Money Bar

Costera Sur
The Southern Hotel Zone, located along Carretera Chankanaab, and also known as the Costera Sur, offers the best beaches beginning at Playa Corona and ending at Playa Palancar.  The famous coral reef running parallel to this part of the coast is a protected zone called Parque Marino de Cozumel.
The first attraction along the way is the popular Parque Chankanaab, a park with a landlocked lagoon connected to the sea. Just off the fine sandy beach is excellent snorkeling where you can spot tame fish, underwater statues, a sunken ship and a pirate cannon.

The two largest beaches, San Francisco and Paradise Beaches, are popular spots with the cruise ship crowd that swarms both beaches by early afternoon. On Sundays, Playa San Francisco is the gathering spot for Mexican families who come to enjoy the beach and bring along their music, games and family picnics.

Mr. Sancho’s You may want to visit Mr. Sancho’s for its free admission, laid-back beach atmosphere and good Mexican cuisine. Crowds and noise aside, both beaches offer excellent swimming and snorkeling.

Along the way is Cozumel’s original settlement founded in 1847. El Cedral is now a charming farming community known for its country fairs.  Beside its modern church are the remains of the oldest Mayan structure on the island.  Look for the tan arch.  Only do this if you have plenty of time

Do not miss an evening at Alberto’s Seafood beach club, the only beach club  on the south side that stays open past 5:00 PM all the way to 10:00 PM.  They are right across from the EL Cedral Arch.  They only serve seafood and it is the best on the island.  It is one of the few undiscovered tranquil beaches, they have an excellent band that plays awesome Mexican and us beach music starting at 7:00 pm.  Watching the sun set while dining and listening to the awesome music, is as close to paradise as you’ll get.  Don’t miss this beach club, admission is free and food prices are reasonable.  They also have a volleyball sand court, and the bathrooms are much cleaner than in the past.

Palancar Beach
Another quiet not so discovered beach a couple kms south of Alberto’s.  If you are willing to walk a bit past the concrete pier in the distance, you can find a secluded beach to call your own for a few hours.

Bob Marley Ragae

Parque Punta Sur to Punta Molas
Just as the highway turns north you will find Parque Punta Sur, a national wildlife refuge. Inside the park is the ancient Mayan lighthouse, El Caracol, which was built as an early hurricane warning system. At the southernmost tip is Punta Celarain Faro, a historic lighthouse that has been transformed into a navigational museum.  For extreme snorkeling experience ask us about the beach at Punta Sur.  It is the best on the Island.

Those in search of more tranquility can follow the highway west to where Costera Sur takes a northern turn becoming the Costera Este (Eastern) Highway. Here the beaches are wild, wind-swept and, for the most part, deserted.


Playa Paraíso is the first beach just outside of the park’s entrance. Close to Playa Chen Rio are two smaller Mayan ruins, El Mirador and El Trono. The best beaches for swimming are found at the crescent shaped Punta Chiqueros cove and at Playa San Martin. If you are on this beach during the full moon in May or June, you may see giant sea turtles come ashore to lay their eggs. Further north is Punta Morena, which is popular with surfers and boogie boarders because of its pounding surf.

Punta Este has a blustery beach, perfect for beachcombing, and is the final stop before the paved highway turns west and becomes Avenida Benito Juarez, leading back into San Miguel. An unpaved road continues north, leading to some of the most unspoiled beaches: Ixpal Barco, Los Cocos, Hanan Reef, Ixlapak and Playa Bonita are all what you would expect from a Caribbean beach. Along the way is the Mayan ruin of Castillo Real.

MezcalitosDo a Google search on Mezcalitos, if you want to go there make sure your arrive about 4:00 because the place closes at 5:00.

The roads end at Punta Mola Faro, the island’s most northern point. A tour is recommended to explore this extremely rugged area.


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