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There are three ways to get to Cozumel:

    1. Cozumel International Airport: Direct International flights. Then 10 miles, 20 minutes to the Villa. Use the airport link above to find out if your airline flies directly into Cozumel, generally American, United and Southwest. Check the last daily arrivals to get an idea on which airlines fly from which cities daily to Cozumel, as some airlines fly to Cozumel from certain cities only on Saturday and Sunday.
      Only car rentals and “Airport Shuttles” are allowed to take passengers from the airport. Taxis cannot transport out of the airport but can bring you back into the airport.

      You can easily walk to the shuttle window (20 steps across the hallway and to the right) once you clear customs and purchase your shuttle tickets to Cost Del Sol for about $10 USD per passenger.

      The uniformed agents, at the airport and the ferry docks that seem to want to help you get you to your destination, are a front to the time share sales. For example: They walk up to you and ask: “Which hotel?”, and no matter what your answer is, they will say “This way please” – DON’T GO WITH THEM – Don’t volunteer any info, your name or where you are going, to anyone except to someone with your FULL name on their clipboard.

    2. Cancun Airport and via the Playa del Carmen FerryYou should try to fly NON STOP to Cancun. If you find it less expensive to fly into Cancun, we would love to help you make  arrangements to transfer directly to Playa del Carmen where the ferry ride is only 30 minutes to Cozumel.  Total time less than 3 hours from the villa.  Involves a 40 miles, 1 hour ground transportation to Palya del Carmen, and 12 mile, 35 minute Ferry ride crossing to the Island. The round trip cost for ground and ferry transportation is about $50 per person.  $12 for the ADO bus and $12 for the Ferry each way X2. There are two ferry companies and each operates every other hour from 6:00 AM to 10:00 PM. DO NOT Buy the Ferry round trip ticket.  There are no savings and then you limit your options and times of return plus you might lose the ticket having fun in Cozumel.   You should allow 3 hours time each way.   You need to save more than $200 per person on airline ticket to make this approach worth the adventure. Otherwise we recommend you fly directly to Cozumel. groups of 4 or more, our property manager can help arrange a private van.  The transportation company will wait for you at the airport with name on sign for prompt transfer to Playa. Click on Cozumel Ferry for Ferry info and schedules.  The round trip cost for ground and ferry transportation is about $50 per person.
    3. Air Puddle Jumper to/from Cancun to Cozumel: 15 minute flight, Air puddle-jumper.  You should weigh your options and consider how many other connecting stops you are making before incurring the expense of the puddle jumper.  It is best to make your connections in the US and fly directly to Cozumel.  Otherwise try to fly non stop to Cancun. The Airfare For tourists it’s $70 USD each way.
      Flights 3 times a day.  The link to Maya Air for flights from Cancun to Cozumel is  you can look and book online. Make sure you allow ample time to get through customs.  We normally wait to get there to book.  I just took that flight on Sunday, for some reason when I booked at the counter and paid in Pesos it was $10 US Dollars per person cheaper than paying in dollars.

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