Cozumel Safety Concerns 2018

Cozumel Makes List of Safest 2018 Mexico Travel Destinations

Cozumel isn’t just one of the safest travel destinations in Mexico. Death rates show that Cozumel is actually one of the safest travel destinations in the world, according to Examiner contributor Jack Dennis.Dennis explains that U.S. Mexico travel advisories are primarily concerned with border towns and urban regions.When it comes to safety, geography plays to Cozumel’s advantage. The only two ways on or off the island are by taking a ferry from or to Playa del Carmen, and  the high security of the Cozumel International Airport where everything is screened at the origin, sniff dogs and x-rays at the airport.  One rental community on the island, Costa del Sol, even offers a 24-hour gated security service.

Cozumel is actually safer than any US city, per capita and overall.

Violent crime is not common in Cozumel. This is due to a variety of factors, including Cozumel’s geographic isolation, legitimate and friendly local government, and comparatively (than elsewhere in Mexico) lower poverty rate.

So, if you’re thinking about a tropical getaway to Mexico this year, Cozumel is a safe choice. You can even take advantage of rentals with amenities that make you feel right at home – including washer and dryer, central air conditioning, central filtered water and full kitchens.

Safety Tips for Cozumel, Mexico

by Elizabeth Smith, Demand Media

Cozumel is a popular spot for tourists.

Cozumel is a small island off the coast of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Popular with divers, day-trippers from the mainland and cruise ship passengers, Cozumel is teeming with tourist attractions and services. Visitors flock here to swim with dolphins, shop for souvenirs and sunbathe on the island’s many beaches. By following a few common-sense strategies for safety, travelers can enjoy a pleasant, worry-free visit to the island.


When traveling in Cozumel, don’t spend all of your time worrying about safety. Keep in mind that the crime rate here is lower than in most large cities around the world, and the likelihood of violent crime is low. A tourist police force patrols the island, and its priority is to maintain safe streets to attract visitors.  Don’t try to buy pot in Cozumel unless you are prepared to go directly to Jail.  Possession of any contraband is not tolerated.

Be Careful in Crowds

As with any popular tourist destination, Cozumel has its share of pickpockets and petty thieves. They tend to work in crowds, where there are many distractions and the likelihood of detection is low. When traveling on Cozumel, be alert when moving among crowds of tourists, particularly groups from cruise ships that dock at the island. In a crowd, keep your wallet and phone in a front pocket, preferably one with a button or zipper. Women should keep a tight hold on their purses or wear messenger-style bags across the body with the bag in front.

Watch Alcohol Consumption

Cozumel’s many bars are a popular attraction for visitors. Avoid over-indulging to ensure that you have your wits about you when it comes time to return to your hotel, cruise ship or the mainland. This is particularly true for travelers who have rented vehicles or scooters to get around the island; never attempt to drive after you have been drinking.

Understand Water Conditions

Swimming and diving are big draws for visitors to Cozumel. Before you head for the sea, ask your hotel clerk about safe spots. Storms can come up suddenly on the island, forming dangerous riptides; head back to the beach if waves get higher or the wind picks up while you’re on or in the water.

Female Travelers

Women, particularly those traveling alone, are advised to be extra cautious when visiting Cozumel. While the local people are generally friendly and non-threatening, there have been several instances of men preying on female tourists. Be cautious when drinking, try not to walk alone at night in deserted back streets and never go places alone with someone you don’t know.

Don’t Drink Tap Water; Except at Villas Costa Del Sol

That is correct don’t drink tap water in hotels, befrore we purchased our villa at Costa del Sol we used to go to hotels.  My son got so sick that they called the health services on us and he was suspended from school for one week it was embarrassing.  Every villa at Costa del Sol is equipped with a 7 stage water filtering plant with Ultra Violet bacteria eradication plant.  All restaurants that we recommend on this site are safe for ice, water, salads and vegetables.  Stay away from hotels.

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