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Cozumel Cell Phone Usage and Free IP Phone

phone use in Cozumel – Your
US cell phone will work in Cozumel. 

When you arrive on the island you will
automatically receive a free text message on your cell phone with instructions on how to use it to call the US. Cell phone roaming charges in Cozumel are
50 to 99 cents/minute. Check with your cell phone carrier before you leave. Some
wireless providers have a Mexico plan that you can activate for the month you are in Mexico. This is the best option if your provider offers this. It is well worth the $20.

Data Plan Caution
Take extra care if you have a data plan, you can run up
crazy charges $100’s, even if you don’t use it.  That is
because your smart (dumb) phone connects to the internet
automatically and starts syncing up. Check with you carrier
before you leave the US and either get the international data
plan or learn how to turn it off and use the wireless only. 
You can cancel the international data plan when you return. 
We have free wireless at the villa which you can use with your
smart phone.

Dial US Number from your Cell Phone – Dial 001+Area
Code and number.  It is best to use the free phone at Villa Coralina to make your US and Canada calls.

Dial local Mexico Number from
your cell phone –
dial the last 7 digit local Mexican numbers directly from your cell phone. 

Phone use at Villa Coralina
The US phone number at Villa Coralina is a US Internet Phone.
You will get the phone number at the villa with your arrival
package.  You may give to your friends, family and colleagues to call you.  

Dial free US and Canada calls from Villa Coralina
To dial an US number there is no need to dial 1. Start with the area code and the number.  To call
the property manager on their Island US number
just call
The Property Manager US number which will be in your arrival Package.

Dial local Mexico Number from Villa Coralina –
It is much easier to use your Cell Phone to call local Cozumel Mexico numbers,
it is the same cost.  Use 7 digit direct dialing.  The phone at the villa is a US number, so, if you want to call
Cozumel (local numbers) it is like you are dialing an international number from the US.  You will need to prefix
any local number with 011-52-987 plus the local 7 digit number,
which can be cumbersome.

Voice Mail –
The villa has a wireless phone system with 5 extensions and a local voice mail system with call waiting and 3 way calling.  In the
unlikely event that you get a call during a 3 way call, the call is sent to an external voice mail system. 
If you hear an intermittent dial tone, it means you have voice mail.  Dial "00" to access your voice mail at Casa Coralina.   Select mail box "0", the pass code will be given to you as part of your arrival package.

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